You can purchase decorations and items using STARDUST and other in-game currencies. When you buy a new decoration, it will be added to your inventory and increase the rarity score of your Cryptoid and be used as decoration for your Island!

Permanent Collection

These are our regular decorations that are permanently available. They are arranged by style and are in the magical and enchanted Cryptoids theme.

Deals of the Day

Find 3 rare items in your store every 24H! You can also refresh the stock by spending some STARDUST.

Limited Edition

Seasonal items are available only during specific time frames, during the occasion of exceptional events and collaborations, or can only be purchased with special currency. These items are more valuable, making them worth more rarity points.

Friends Catalog

Do you own an NFT from one of our long-term friends (Kaiju Kingz, Godjira, The Littles, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, etc.)? You will be able to unlock exclusive content in the style of the collection and increase your rarity.