Friendship & Bonuses

Cryptoids have an extraordinary relationship with their owners, built over time. It is measured by the "Friendship Level", ranging from -100 to 100 and will significantly influence the mood of your creature. The happier your Cryptoid is, the more luck it will have. Conversely, a depressed and abandoned Cryptoid will not offer you more bonuses.



ANGRY - From -100 to -30
When the Cryptoid is ANGRY, only the owner can play the mini-game by authenticating. This means that you cannot ask other people to help you play to earn STARDUST and bonus XP. The Cryptoid will also not be able to dig for treasure.
NEUTRAL - From -30 to 30
This is the default state of your Cryptoid. Make sure it doesn't go below this! When it is "Neutral", other people can play with your Cryptoid, and it can search for treasures!
HAPPY - From 30 to 100
From level 30, your Cryptoid accumulates LUCK and allows you to get better treasures and more exciting deals in the store.
Friendship Level is reset to 0 when the owner changes.


By default, your Cryptoid loses 3 levels every 24H
Completing the daily quest gives you 3 levels
Buy special items in the shop
Play more mini-games


LUCK affects the bonuses you have in-game. You can only accumulate LUCK when your Cryptoid is HAPPY.


LUCK increases your chances at rare decorations and items in Deals of the Day.


Your luck rate also affects the Mint List opportunities you receive. The higher your luck rate, the more likely you are to win a Mint List from our partners in the game. (Check In-Game Promotion)


Every day, a hole appears at a random location on your island. Taking your Cryptoid there will allow him to dig and find a treasure chest. The content of this treasure will depend on your level of luck. It can be STARDUST, decorations or items!