FOUNDERS - Cromain & Myu

We're positioning ourselves as trailblazers and thought leaders that do not follow trends; we set standards & push the boundaries in the NFT industry. We take pleasure in stepping outside the status quo and advancing with inventiveness.

Cromain (Romain Retureau) – Blockchain and game developer

Since graduating with a PhD in Bioinformatics in 2019, I started my career as a full-stack developer for a French startup, which I attribute my attainment of many technical skills there. However, I started developing a desire for something more. I chanced upon web3 and was immediately captivated by the technology and the opportunities that it will bring, and to realise these I knew I gotta be my own boss. Consequently, I delved into web3 technologies, studied them intensively and became well-versed in smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). I am heavily involved in development of The Cryptoids dApp with a full stack app (Python/Flask/PostgreSQL for the backend and React for the frontend).

Myu (Deborah Guillemin) – Web and marketing agency

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Design and Development and started my own company during my early career. My brand has been operational and prosperous for six years, from which I have developed many skillsets, like entrepreneurship and building strong relationships with my clients. This experience proved very useful in my journey to develop The Cryptoids, which I was able to apply them in web development, motion design, project management, marketing, and design. I am a firm believer that communication is a key ingredient to a project's success.

ARTIST - Cup Nooble

Cup Nooble (Illona Di Biaso) - Freelance artist
As a freelance artist, I help with the pixel art for the Cryptoids game and develop my personal brand online, selling pixel art on Itch for other game developers to use. I’m still in my last year of getting a Higher technical examination on the art line of Grenå game College. I study various subjects here, including game design, IT and communication, visual design, and more.
I develop my skills in different areas, such as art and game development, during my free time. Yet I also play some games to keep myself inspired and motivated!

GAME DEV - Gally

Gally - Blockchain and game developper

French web3 and game programmer from France! I have a master's degree in Game Programming from Isart Digital School, and I'm currently working as a freelance for various projects. I specialize in game development with Unity/C# and in Web3. I have worked in the classic industry and learned different technologies and methodologies. My passion for video game creation brought me back to game programming. I discovered blockchain technology and the countless possibilities of Web3, so I mixed it with video games to achieve the perfect balance.