The Cryptoids will be developed incrementally, meaning feature by feature. The game will have each aspect developed independently, sometimes even in parallel, allowing us to release regular updates. It is designed so that our holders can start playing very soon, get a general idea of what the game is capable of, and give feedback so that we can take their suggestions into account for the following features. Very soon, you will be able to play a first mini-game and hatch your egg to discover the baby form of your Cryptoid.
You can look forward to starting to build up your stats and collecting coins and points in anticipation of future purchases for your inventory and battles.

PHASE 1 - Q1/Q2 2022

  • GENESIS COLLECTION Our launch of 1000 Genesis Cryptoid's eggs will take place Mid-February
    Now you can see what your egg looks like and which family your Cryptoid belongs to! Does your Cryptoid look rare?
  • INTERACTIVITY Start interacting with your egg. It will give you hints about your Cryptoid!
  • WE'RE HIRING! New game developer & pixel artist are joining the team
  • 1ST MINI GAME BETA - HOP HOP! You can start playing the very first mini game
  • HOP HOP! - REWORKED VERSION After consolidating your feedback and data, we will update the first mini-game!
  • DISCORD AUTHENTICATION Verify yourself with Discord to save your points, anybody can play and get rewards!
  • METAMASK AUTHENTICATION Owners are able to authenticate their wallets
    Start collecting Stardust
  • DAILY QUEST Complete your daily quest to earn STARDUST & XP
  • TREASURE HUNT Take care of your Cryptoid to earn extra bonuses
  • MINT TICKETS & MINT LIST OPPORTUNITIES IN-GAME Owners can claim whitelist spots from our partners inside the Cryptoids game!
  • EGG HATCHING! Once you reach LVL.10 You can hatch your egg!
  • RARITY SCORE Implementation of Rarity Score
  • FULL COLLECTION Finally, other holders can join us in the adventure and adopt more eggs!

PHASE 2 - Q2/Q3 2022

  • ACHIEVEMENTS & TROPHIES You'll be able to unlock different achievements
  • IN-GAME SHOP You can now use the coins and points you have accumulated to buy decorations and items! Start your collection and increase Cryptoid's rarity with your new acquisitions!

    Unlock exclusive items and achievements by holding an NFT of our collaborators!

    Choose backgrounds, decoration, change angles, zoom in and boom, your new NFT thumbnail is born!

    A new mini-game is available to play

    Finally discover the final form of your Cryptoid! Is it rare?
  • STATISTICS You can start increasing your intelligence, speed, strength and cuteness

PHASE 3 - Q3/Q4 2022

Coming soon!