The Cryptoids is a collection of interactive NFTs directly playable on Opensea. Each NFT is a virtual pet that you need to care for to see it level up and evolve.
Play with your cryptoid, collect items, decorations and unlock achievements. All of which will increase your NFT rarity!


As a couple in life, Cromain and Myu, started collaborating in 2021. Cromain worked as a web developer for Myu's company. They are passionate about video games, which led to them working on a mobile game project.
Wizard Pixel Farm was the ancestor of The Cryptoids. The two founders developed the game entirely during the spring and summer of 2021. Motivated by their desire to publish their game, the creators investigated other options to fund their project and delved into the world of NFTs.
Initially, you were a wizard and owner of a magical farm where you raised cryptids. In this management game, you collect ingredients to make and sell potions. The Cryptoids may have a different concept today, but some mechanics are similar, and you can expect some of the old features to return.
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